About Cowboy Roofing

As a former US Army Attack Helicopter pilot and Officer, our company shows the same dedication and professionalism to our clients as I did to my country. We believe in a team process and complete professionalism from the first call to the completion of the construction process at your property. We handle the complete insurance process from the time you file your claim, to the time we have completed the job to your satisfaction and collected the final check, we do this so that you do not have to worry about handling any of the stress or paperwork details in the process. Making the re roof process seamless and easy on you the customer.

We as a company can complete any construction process, remodel, new construction, fencing, solar screening, etc… However, we focus on residential and commercial roofing projects (primarily dealing within the insurance claims process).

Our Philosophy

We go above and beyond other companies with our knowledge of the insurance claims process. We are currently growing and have multiple crews to take care of our customers in a timely manner.